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يا قوي يا متين 

Ya Qawiyyu Ya Matīn

Recite 116 times

حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

Recite the above an additional 250 times daily between Maghrib and Isha. Make dua.

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Al-Risālah Al-Qushayriyyah

Al Risālah Al Qushariyyah Series Highlights and Key Points

An Exclusvely Islamic Prescription to Manage Crises

An Islamic Prescription to Manage Crises


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At a Tafsir lesson, on adhkār related to the Names of Allah , March 2020


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Today marks the beginning of our new year 1441

Today marks the beginning of our new year 1441
May Allah make it Mubarak with good fortune and Iman; with peace and Islam and with Tawfiq to do what Allah loves and is pleased with.

Allāh is the one who cares for you the most

Allāh is the one who cares for you the most. If Allah were not our Lord, in one year or five, we would destroy the whole earth.

From the tafsīr of Surah Al-Sāffāt , March 4th 2018

We should not study science to prove that Quran is true.

We should not study science to prove that Quran is true. That is retrogressive and counter-productive. You are paddling in a creek without water.

From the tafsīr of Surah Al-Sāffāt , March 4th 2018

Visitor from Phoenix

04 Mai 2017 - 00:00:00

A young man named Sawleh visited Shaykh Amin. He traveled from Phoenix. This brother is the son of Maulana Zubair Abdurrahman, who studied with Shaykh Amin at Sabeel-ur-Rashad. 

I learned that Maulana Zubair was one of the few students at Sabeel-ur-Rashad who was of African-American descent. Shaykh Amin had not been keeping well that week, but he was particular to meet with Sawleh. He received the young man lovingly and enquired about his friend's health and the rest of the family as well.

The conversation turned silent after a while. When the Shaykh spoke again, he advised the young man. He said many things, but this stayed with me, and I paraphrase:

Seek out the company of those who Allah is close to. One sign of someone that Allah is close to is that he loves Allah and his Messenger, SallAllahu 'alayhi wa Sallam.Another sign is that such a person is always engaged in helping others. Both these conditions must exist. It is impossible for someone to attain nearness to Allah if he/she does not love the beloved of Allah.


Intention for tax-deductible donations

What is the best way to maintain a sincere intention donating money knowing that one will receive a tax benefit?


Just check your niyah when you give.

Would you give if there were no tax benefit?

If yes, then you are okay. If not, then your niyah is lacking.

About Mawlana Qasim

Family joining tariqah

Is it permitted for our spouses or children to join the tariqa?


Yes, as long as they are 16 years old.

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From the Hadith Qudsi

"Almighty Allah says, I treat my servant according to his expectations from Me, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in his heart, I remember him in My heart; if he remembers Me in a gathering, I remember him in a better and nobler gathering (i.e. of angels). If he comes closer to Me by one span, I go towards him a cubit's length, if he comes towards Me by a cubit's length, I go towards him an arm's length, and if he walks towards Me, I run unto him."  

(Hadith – Bukhari and Muslim)

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani

Shaykh Ibn Arabi