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This site serves as an online reference and forum for saalikeen of the Qadiriyyah Akbariyyah Chishtiyyah order of Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia. This site is dedicated to presenting in detail the principles that form the foundation of the tarīqah. The ultimate purpose of the site is to present content that aims to instill in the interested visitor an ever-increasing love for Allah, the inevitable destination of any path trodden.

Provisions of a Traveler

In our quest to reach Allah we must understand the provisions we need in order to reach our destination. These provisions are of three types: physical, ethical/intellectual and spiritual. We will discuss all of these three types of provisions. Read more

An Islamic Prescription to Manage Crises

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Al-Wasaya, p. 143

Said Dhû al-Nûn: Three [traits] are amongst the tokens of true-faith (îmân): the heart grieving due to the afflictions of Muslims, giving counsel to them while overlooking their bitter attitudes, and guiding them to what is in their interests despite them behaving foolishly and being averse to it.